Soldier & Family Assistance Center

The SFAC is a place where Warriors in Transition and their family members receive assistance through a number of holistic services tailored to their needs. The SFAC’s welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff foster an environment conducive to physical, spiritual and mental healing.

Our mission is to provide exceptional support by being courteous, professional and relevant. The Fort Benning SFAC is widely recognized as the premiere provider of innovative services to WTs and their families in support of the Warrior Transition Battalion.

Our goal is to be available and convenient for WTs and their families. Services requiring less than a full-time presence are available at the SFAC at designated times. Additional services are provided through priority off-site appointments coordinated by the SFAC staff.


Social Services

The Social Service Assistance Coordinator ensures that the Warrior in Transition (WT) population, their Families, and wounded Retirees in the local community are provided necessary substance abuse prevention education, preventive treatment, or rehabilitation services. Stress Management and Suicide Prevention awareness information is available to all eligible Soldiers, Family Members, and Retiree served by the SFAC.

The SFAC Social Service Assistance Coordinator works in partnership with installation Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) ensuring the Warrior in Transition (WT) population, their Families, and wounded Retirees are provided substance abuse prevention education, treatment, and/or rehabilitation services as needed. Provides Stress Management services and ensures Suicide Prevention awareness information is available to all customers served by the SFAC. Conducts initial interviews, using a broad range of diverse techniques and methods including, written screenings and evaluations, assesses the nature of clients’ problems; in coordination with clinical personnel, makes referrals to the appropriate treatment, rehabilitative program or agency. Serves as a member of the local alcohol and drug council, providing information on the WT aspects of the ASAP. Conducts Basic Life Skills training classes, which include Stress and Anger management, Effective Communication, and Relationships.

Human Resources

Human Resources Specialist provides updates to component personnel records in a variety of databases, and researches problematic concerns to ensure entitlements are obtained. Provide Soldiers and Families a host of resources for installation, city, state, and federal agencies that assist in meeting personnel needs, military benefits, and career development. The SFAC HR representative provides, makes priority appointments for, and infuses agencies into the SFAC to provide Wounded Warriors, Families, and Wounded Retirees the advantages of personnel processing and arrivals/departures from the installation level. Subject areas for assistance includes DOD ID Cards, casualty assistance, retirement services, records updates, notary services, and all group life insurances. By providing the Soldiers and Families a liaison in all HR capacities, the HR Representative can improve the holistic healing process of Wounded Warriors, their Families, and Wounded Retirees alike.

Education Services

The SFAC Education Guidance Counselor provides educational counseling services to Warrior Transition BN Soldiers & Family Members. Such counseling ranges from basic skills level to graduate level studies. The SFAC Education Guidance Counselor assists Wounded Warriors with educational & employment goal setting & goal accomplishment. Information is provided on all Army education programs to include Tuition Assistance, veterans’ education benefits, testing, GT Improvement, foreign languages, on and off post college programs, and personal and career educational goals. Prompt counseling is also provided for all mandatory in and out-processing. The SFAC Education Guidance Counselor initially enrolls all Wounded Warriors in GOARMYED.COM, for taking college courses under Army Tuition Assistance. Education briefings as well as education counseling classes are also conducted as required.

Financial Assistance

Provide WT Families with direct advisory assistance and counseling on financial management, consumer affairs and budgeting. Provide debt liquidation, debt reduction, foreclosure prevention assistance, short and long term financial planning. Assist WT’s and their families with loans and grants such as Army Emergency Relief and Chaplains Crisis Ministry Fund. Work with WT Families to resolve credit issues and settle debts on their behalf. Provide assistance with home loans and information on the home buying process. Provide Notary Public services as well as review of all contracts and financial documentation.

Information and Referral Services

The purpose of I & R, Follow Up is to plan, develop, implement, and administer the SFAC Information, Referral, and Follow-up Program, providing an integrated system of service delivery, which links clients with available and appropriate resources.

I&R, Follow Up Coordinator establishes and maintains an extensive and current file of information on local public, private and voluntary service agencies and organizations. Incumbent utilizes professional skills to conduct intake evaluations with WTs and their Families who are in need of social services assistance, not readily identifiable with other service areas in the center. Incumbent determines the nature of the presenting problem(s), identifies underlying social and/or psychological factors, which impact on the issue, assesses the impact on the participant’s ability to function in other areas of their life, and explores other social and family issues in order to identify areas of related needs. Finally, the I & R Follow Up Coordinator, provides information to WTs and their family members regarding military and civilian resources available to address a wide range of SFAC participant requests and in addition to the specific subject matter expertise and related services described in the other duties of this job description, serves as initial point of contact for all SFAC programs.

Outreach Services

The SFAC Outreach Coordinator assesses the needs of the Warrior in Transition community and their families, links WT families with services on post or in the community, and builds a service network for WT and their Families. As a link between the community, WTB, and SFAC, the Outreach Coordinator conducts services on Fort Benning, Martin Army Community Hospital (MACH), in the housing areas, community centers, or other locations convenient to the WTs and their Families. Outreach Program Coordinator also conducts a broad needs assessment to identify needed resources to include life skills training, newcomer adaptation, preventative education, risk identification, and crisis intervention. The Outreach Coordinator recruits and trains outreach volunteers and manages the SFAC volunteer program.

Pastoral Services

Perform all support functions for religious services, spiritual care of WT Soldiers and their family members. Screens and refers WT family members and visitors to support agencies for social service related needs. Provides services through WTB chaplain. Religious services include counseling, pastoral care, rites and sacraments. Materials and references that support counseling and spiritual needs are available.

Army Career Alumni Program

The ACAP representative provides the mandatory separation counseling prior to separation, assists WTs in completing DD Form 2648/2648-1, and if married, informs WTs and their spouses about benefits and services available when separating from the U.S. Army following assignment in the WTU. ACAP also assists in the scheduling job search training through DOL Transition Assistant Program (TAP) workshops, VA benefits and DTAP briefings, and provides individual support in employment counseling, job search, skill assessment, resume writing, interviewing, and evaluating/negotiating job offers.

Child, Youth, and School Services

The Child Youth and School Services Liaison supports WTs and their families by providing information on all Child Youth and School Services Programs to include child care services, youth programs, SKIES instructional programs, sports and family child care. Families in the WTB have reduced childcare fees and receive free sports (two sports enrollments per year per child) and SKIES classes (eight classes per child). Families with a Solder in the WTB may register for Child Youth and School Services at the Soldier Family Assistance Center.

Hours & Contact Information

Address 7919 Marne Road, Bldg 9257
Phone 706-544-5702 or 706-544-5703
Hours Monday-Friday: 8am-430pm
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