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Save Money on Car Care

 Fort Benning Automotive

It is our mission to provide quality, reasonably priced Auto Skills programs and first-class service to Fort Benning Soldiers, active duty Reservists and National Guardsmen, family members and civilian employees.

Do it yourself or leave it to the professionals!

The Fort Benning Auto Skills Center has 42 bays for auto repair and do-it-yourself services, with a large variety of state of the art equipment available to you. Trained staff members will answer questions on technical issues and guide you through your self-service project.

Services include tune-ups, brake inspections and repairs, tire services, air conditioning checks and charges and more. A variety of supplies and parts are sold at the service center. Long term vehicle storage is available for lengthy auto repairs or rebuilds.
The Automotive Skills Center is open to all MWR patrons. Prices are very affordable, typically tens to hundreds of dollars less than civilian car care agencies.

We haven’t raised our rates in 10 years!!  Rates

 We Have Nitrogen!

You’ll drive like the pros, extend the life of your tires and save a bundle when you replace the compressed air in your tires with nitrogen. With the Fort Benning’s Auto Skills Center new Nitrogen Tire Inflation System, you can do it for less than $30. That’s less than half the cost of nitrogen replacement at most off-post auto care centers. And “top offs” are free for the life of your tire!

For years, professional race car drivers have been riding on tires filled with nitrogen, which results in less pressure change with temperature swings. Tire inflation pressures remains consistent as the tires heat up, and that makes for a smoother, safer ride.

Air is 78 percent nitrogen, less than 21 percent oxygen, and the rest is a mixture of water vapor, CO2 and small concentrations of noble gases such as neon and argon. Humidity creates water vapor, and in some cases actual liquid, which causes tire pressure to change with temperature swings. It also leads to the corrosion of the steel or aluminum rim.

On the other hand, pure nitrogen is dry. Filling tires with nitrogen involves filling and purging several times to dilute the concentration of oxygen in the tire and remove water.

At the Auto Skills Center, a technician will fill and all four tires at once bleed tires, using a machine that strains the oxygen out and replaces it with nitrogen. Experts say the benefits include a savings, on average, of $300 a year on maintenance and fuel costs and a much longer life for your tires.

Hours & Contact Information

Address Building 111, Marchant Avenue map
Phone 706-545-2337
Towing – 706-545-2337 or 706-527-0971 after hours
Hours Drop off repairs – Weekdays: 730am-4pm, closed holidays
Do-it-yourself – Wednesday through Sunday: 11am-7pm, closed holidays
Email Contact the Automotive Skills Center manager
Submit an ICE comment card
Of course we’re on Facebook!

 Car Washes Open 24/7 with Security Features

The Harmony Church Car Wash, Building 4101 on Jamestown Road, has a drive through and four self-serve bays, one large enough for a truck or RV, and the latest in floor mat cleaning. We offer cloth and water wash or touch-free water wash. This car wash recycles water. Vacuums have fragrance, spot remover, carpet cleaner, turbo and super modes. Free air and water. The self serve bays have a popular tire shine option.

The Mall Car Wash, located next to the commissary in Building 9231 on Marne Road, has five self-wash bays, super vacuums, four shampoo vacuums to clean carpet, and tricolor wax in gold, blue and white.

Want to buy or refill a Wash Card? Click this Button

Hours & Contact Information

Phone 706-545-7298
Hours Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Email Contact the car wash manager
  Submit an ICE comment card

Wrecker Service
click for larger image

Call 706-545-2337 during regular hours and
706-527-0971 after hours for assistance.



Outdoor Recreation’s Equipment Resource Center manages a POV Resale Lot, commonly called the Lemon Lot, on Gaudette Street, behind the Auto Skills Center. To register your vehicle at Building 1707, bring registration, insurance and ID card. Vehicle must be registered to ID cardholder. The cost is $11.00 for 30 days. You will find information about Lemon Lot policies and procedures here. Information on purchasing these used vehicles is posted on the windshields and windows. View the resale lot on a map here.


Need a Reference?

Check out the Online Auto Repair Reference Center. You’ll find information on all of the following and more

  • Complete automotive repair manuals 1954-current
  • Chilton Library: Complete automotive repair manuals 1954-current
  • Small Engine Repair Reference Center


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