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 Kefurt Fitness Center

Building 9001, Watkins Street
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(706) 544-4511/4449
Hours of Operation
Weekdays 500am-9pm
Weekends 9am-5pm
Holidays Closed

The 20,322-square foot facility has plate loaded, free and selectorized weight equipment; cardio equipment; basketball and raquetball courts; rooms for mixed martial arts and boxing; locker rooms and a co-ed sauna.

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Outpost Harry

Building 9079, Marne Road
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Hours of Operation

Weekdays 500am-9pm

Outpost Harry, at the Kelley Hill Rec Center, honors the 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers who died in June, 1953, at the remote Outpost Harry, near Phung Hu, Korea, during a relentless attack by large forces of Chinese soldiers. The 3rd ID thwarted the attack, but sustained a great number of casualties. Outpost Harry has a wide assortment of plate and free weights, selectorized and cardio equipment and outdoor basketball and volleyball courts.

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 Staff Sgt Gus Kefurt died on Christmas Day in 1944. The Pennsylvania native was fighting with K Company, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, against German forces near Bennwihr, France. Soon after the battle started on December 23, Kefurt jumped through an opening in a wall and confronted 15 Germans. He killed 10 of them and captured the rest. Throughout the night, he defended a three-man outpost, surrounded by German artillery positions. Come morning, Kefurt led his platoon in a hand-to-hand fight through town until their progress was impeded by a tank. He used rifle grenades to force the tank crew to surrender, then led his men on a house to house attack through withering machine gun fire. The counterattack and subsequent infiltration from the rear cost Kefurt’s platoon a number of casualties. Kefurt himself was severely wounded, but he refused aid and continued to direct fire, killing nearly 15 German soldiers at close range. Kefurt braved intense fire again and again to encourage his men and direct fire. On December 25, it cost him his life. Kefurt was buried in Epinal American Cemetery in France and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

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