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At Fort Benning, BOSS means Better Opportunities for all Soldiers


Though Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers was founded in 1989 for the benefit of the more than half of all US Soldiers who are single, these days the program welcomes all Soldiers – all ranks and ages – as well as authorized MWR patrons, including civilians. BOSS members participate in a number of exciting activities, including trips, and they benefit from various discounts and free passes to shows and sporting events. Of course, they’re well known in the community, on post and off, for the many hours they devote to volunteering.

Components of BOSS

  • Quality of Life/Well Being: This includes issues that influence the morale, living environment or growth and development of Soldiers. Examples include problems in living quarters, parking, PX/commissary issues and concerns about utilities, such as telephone or cable service.
  • Community Service: Activities are planned with on- and off-post agencies. Many programs ask us to provide volunteer support for their projects, which have proven to be worthwhile for everyone involved. Soldiers acknowledge that volunteering makes a noticeable difference in their lives and the lives of others. All community service projects provide the opportunity to increase awareness about the BOSS program while demonstrating the outstanding character of BOSS Soldiers.
  • Recreation and Leisure: Ideas for trips and events are planned and supported by BOSS Soldiers and coordinated through the BOSS advisor and president. They must receive military and civilian chain of command approval. Money raised through BOSS fundraisers often pays for a portion of expenses associated with the activity.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does BOSS do?

Every Army installation is authorized a BOSS program, with a president and representatives from each major subordinate command. A senior military advisor works with the program to make sure that BOSS actions are within regulation. This advisor will be the post, garrison or MWR sergeant major. An advisor from MWR assists with financial planning, marketing and guidance.

Who may participate in BOSS?

While the BOSS program is designed to support single Soldiers, unaccompanied Soldiers and single parents, it open to all MWR patrons.

What happens to the issues raised by BOSS?

Issues raised at company level are first handled at company level. If it cannot be resolved, it is brought to the BOSS installation meeting. If the military advisor sees merit in the issue, he or she will forward it to the garrison commander, who will determine if the issue should be elevated to the commanding general or the major Army command.

What's the Soldier's Role in BOSS?

Without Soldiers, there is no BOSS program. Every company, battalion, regiment and brigade will have a primary and alternate representative on orders for this additional duty. This Soldier should be highly motivated with leadership potential and a willingness to work for his or her fellow Soldiers. In addition, every company in each major subordinate command group, will have a primary and alternate company representative. Representatives act as liaisons, passing information to the Soldier and relaying questions, comments and concerns from the Soldier to BOSS committee members and the chain of command.


Contact Information

BOSS President
Phone 706-604-7675
Email Contact the BOSS president
Family and MWR BOSS Advisor
Phone 706-544-5259
Email Contact the BOSS advisor
Submit an ICE comment card



BOSS meetings are held at the Kelley Hill Recreation Center at 2pm on the last Wednesday of each month. This is the time to share your ideas and concerns. Refreshments will be served. For more information,
call 706-544-1411.

Recent Minutes

BOSS Flyer 11x17


Previous Minutes

Checklist and Standard

Meetings SOP

Program SOP

DA Circular 608-06-01

(BOSS Program)

Volunteer Agreement Form

DA Form 4162

(Volunteer Service Record)

DA Form 4713

(Volunteer Time Record)

DA Form 7380

(Quality of Life Issue)